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TUJ Held 13th Annual Student Film Festival

by Keili Hamilton-Maureira (junior Communications Studies major)



Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) held its 13th annual student film festival on Friday, April 13 in The Parliament Student Lounge. The student-organized festival was a great success, boasting over 200 guests — students, faculty, alumni and friends. The event was also open to the general public, and was announced in The Asahi Shimbun.


The festival, directed and supervised since 2005 by Assistant Professor Karl Neubert, is organized as a part of a Communications Studies course. Students taking the credit-bearing course produce the event and are responsible for all aspects, including the call for entries, film selection, promotion, and event management.


As the doors opened and the event began, guests quickly filled The Parliament Student Lounge. The room buzzed with anticipation and excitement as trailers for this year’s selections played on the screen. The lights dimmed, and with an announcement by the festival’s MCs, the program began. Five student films were shown in each of the two programs of the evening, with genres from music video and comedy, to drama and documentary. Students cheered for their classmates and friends recognized as actors in or contributors to the films.



This year’s festival featured filmmakers from The Philippines, USA, Nigeria, Germany, Japan, China, and Mexico – representing TUJ’s global student body.


This year, TUJ welcomed notable film critic Chris Fujiwara as a special guest judge. Awards were given for three Best Pictures, one Audience Award, and one for Best Cinematography. The award for Best Cinematography was donated by one of the sponsors of this year’s festival, Panic Ball Productions, a company established by TUJ alumni. Fujiwara commented on the great talent showcased by students in this year’s festival program, which he said made his awards decisions difficult. The first place award for Best Picture with a grand prize of 20,000 yen was awarded to Cory Sparks for his film Tagami Pottery, a documentary about a family of Mashikoyaki pottery experts in Tochigi prefecture. Sparks also received the Panic Ball Productions award for Best Cinematography.


<student writer> Keili Hamilton-Maureira

Keili is a Junior Communications Studies major at Temple University, Japan Campus. When she is not writing or working, she can usually be found watching reruns of American talk shows or telling her husband to stand still while she draws him.

学長主催の「Dean’s List」(成績優秀者リスト)昼食会で学生、教授が交流しました。


3月9日、テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス(TUJ)の麻布校舎で、2017年秋学期 の「Dean’s List」(成績優秀者リスト)昼食会が行われました。リストで評された全61人のうち、25人の学生が参加して、お祝いに駆けつけた学長ブルース・ストロナクと7人の教員とランチを交え、これからの学生生活や将来の目標について語り合いました。


この昼食会はアカデミック・アドバイジング・センターが2016年から開催しており、授業以外の場で、学生と教員がカジュアルな雰囲気の中、academic excellence (学業上の成功)を称え交流する機会として、過去の参加者からも大変好評です。Dean’s Listは米国フィラデルフィア本校と同じ選考基準が適用され、GPA(平均評定)によって、テンプル大学全体の成績優秀学部生トップ15%程度にあたる学生が毎学期選ばれています。




TUJ学生・卒業生のための就活支援 合同説明会開催

by Sayaka Sue (junior international affairs and political science double-major)

3月14日、テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス(TUJ)の学生ラウンジ「The Parliament」で、TUJ学生、卒業生を対象とした合同説明会が開催されました。当日は110名を超える学生、卒業生が参加し、フェアは大盛況でした。今年は世界最大規模の国際貨物航空会社UPS、ユニクロをグローバル展開するファーストリテイリング、iPhoneやiPadでお馴染みのAppleなど10社が参加しました。






<学生ライター> 須江彩花(すえさやか)



スーパーボウルでイーグルス初勝利! チームお膝元のフィラデルフィア凱旋パレードでテンプル大学生も大興奮




Photography By: Betsy Manning / Temple University
A Temple hat makes a cameo among a group of people celebrating the Eagles during the parade in Center City. (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.)







#TUJLoves Instagram Contest Runs From Valentine’s Day to White Day

TUJLoves Instagram Contest Banner

With Valentine’s day coming to an end, and White Day just around the corner,
TUJ is in the spirit of love. From February 14 to March 14 we will be running our #TUJLoves photo contest.

To participate, students must post a photo of what they love (person, place, or thing) on Instagram using the hashtag #TUJLoves. Three lucky winners will each receive a TUJ hoodie.

This contest is open to TUJ students only.