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Japanese Windchime Weekend Workshop みんなで風鈴作りました!– TUJ Activities

On June 19, TUJ students participated in a workshop and made their own traditional Japanese windchime.

Japanese windchimes, or fuurin, originally come from China, where they began to be popular over 1000 years ago. During the Edo period, these windchimes became spread around Japan, being produced in both glass and metal.

The sound of these bells evokes summer, and so our students decided to take this opportunity to have one of them ready for this season.

The workshop took place at Shinohara Maruyoshi Fuurin. This place is one of the two workshops in Tokyo where wind chimes are still being produced with the same techniques used in the Edo period. The techniques have been passed down from father to son and our students had the privilege to use them.

In the first part of this workshop, the students blew glass to create the main bell In the first part of the workshop, the students blew glass to create the main bell of the fuurin. Blowing is very important, as blowing too hard can break the glass. Blowing too softly could result in a bell that is too small and would not produce an optimal sound.

After creating the bell came the funnest part of the workshop − painting the wind chime! The Maruyoshi Fuurin staff presented summer motifs as suggestions, although TUJ students used their imaginations to create unique designs.

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<By Luis Navarro Garcia, Office of Student Services>


Exhibition: “Screen Test: Translating Your Own Culture” @TUJ Art Gallery 「スクリーン・テスト:汝の文化を翻訳せよ」@TUJアートギャラリー

@TUJ Art Gallery

“Screen Test: Translating Your Own Culture”  

Time:June 22-July 3, 2021 (Campus Opening Hours, Closed on Sunday)  

Artist:  Kano Aunaree, Malak Binalmas, Cathy Hua, Ayaka Yoshimura, Shinya C Watanabe  

Curated by:  Shinya C Watanabe 

This exhibition is the final project of Shinya C Watanabe’s ART HISTORY 2096 course “Eurasia: Connecting European and Asian Art and Culture” in Spring 2021. 

In this class, students wrote critical evaluation papers (1500 – 2000 words) describing an aspect of his or her own culture, and based on this paper, each student gave a 15-minute presentation. 

By having this exhibition, I would like to show the outcome of this Writing Intensive course, and also motivate other TUJ students who have a hard time during COVID-19 pandemic situation.”   – Shinya C. Watanabe

Shared Link for the video  “Screen Test

Special thanks to:  Aizawa Office, Isaan Kitchen



展示作家:Kano Aunaree, Malak Binalmas, Cathy Hua, Ayaka Yoshimura, Shinya C Watanabe

キュレーター: 渡辺真也(TUJアート学科講師)

本展示は、TUJ講師 渡辺真也が2021年春学期に担当したART HISTORY 2096の授業「Eurasia: Connecting European and Asian Art and Culture」の最終プロジェクトです。



謝辞: 相澤事務所、Isaan Kitchen


Splashing Fun Weekend with the Nagatoro River Rafting

On June 12, students from Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) enjoyed a weekend of river rafting on the Nagatoro River.

The Nagatoro River, in Chichibu (Saitama Prefecture), flows through a valley of the same name, famous for its lush nature. This river has been navigated for over 100 years, and even today a leisurely ride can be enjoyed in a traditional Japanese boat. However, TUJ students used inflatable boats and navigated the river rapids.

As the weather was warm, with temperatures over 25ºC, the students also enjoyed plunging into the cool waters of the river. The more adventurous jumped into the water from a small cliff! All this, of course, was supervised by Nagatoro Outdoor Center instructors.

After so much physical activity, the students enjoyed a barbecue on the river bank. And  before returning to Tokyo, they stopped at a nearby onsen, where they relaxed in the warm waters that spring from the heart of Chichibu National Park.

See you at future TUJ activities!

<By Luis Navarro Garcia, Office of Student Services>







April 19-22, 2021

TUJ Art Gallery


In this exhibition, individuals display a group of works together that depict the fragmented reality in which many of us exist today. This theme is explored either physically or conceptually, some works being broken into parts like literal fragments, while others reflect pieces of the artist’s history, memory or reality.

“Fragments” is a group exhibition organized by the TUJ Workshop Class students. (Instructors: Louise Rouse and Joel Kirkham, TUJ Undergraduate Art Program)



TUJ Students Enjoyed a Day at Mt. Mitake

By Luis Navarro Garcia, Office of Student Services

On April 3, TUJ students enjoyed a day climbing Mt. Mitake in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.

Early in the morning we arrived at Takimoto Station, at the foot of Mt. Mitake, where we took a rope car to the top of the mountain, which is 929 meters high. The temperature difference from the base to the top was almost six degrees, so while down below the weather was spring-like, at the top we had to wear warm clothes.

Once at the top, we started hiking through the forests that cover the mountain. The trail was beginner-friendly, so everyone was able to have fun while enjoying nature.

Nanayo Falls

Our first stop was Nanayo Falls, a waterfall almost 50 meters high. We took a break, and lots of pictures. Our next stop was Tengu Rock, a gigantic rock that resembles the face of a Tengu, or Japanese demon. Some students decided to climb it and discovered two tengu statues at the top.

Tengu Rock

After paying our respects to the tengu, we headed to the famous Rock Garden, an area around a small river and is filled with moss-covered rocks that were exposed by the river over the centuries, hence its name. We stopped here for lunch.

Rock Garden

Our last stop was the Ayahiro Waterfall, a 10-meter-high waterfall that is used in a purification rite by the Musashimitake Shrine.

Ayahiro Waterfall / shrine

Once we finished at Mt. Mitake we headed to an onsen on the shore of Lake Sagamiko, where we took a relaxing bath before returning to bustling Tokyo.

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UNHCR WILL2LIVE Cinema イベントが開催されました


TUJ学生実行委員会は2020年11月19日(木)にオンラインにてUNHCR WILL2LIVE Cinema イベントを開催しました。当日は学長のマシュー・ウィルソン、国連UNHCR協会の方に冒頭の挨拶に登壇していただき、並びに本学コミュニケーション学科で教鞭をとられるイルギン・ヨルマズ教授をお招きして、映画「難民キャンプで暮らしてみた」で取り上げられているシリア難民の背景やシリア難民問題に対し日本がとっている支援について解説・講義いただきました。







<文:福田駿也(ふくだ・しゅんや):国際ビジネス学専攻2年、TUJ UNHCRWILL2LIVE学生実行委員会 委員長>


A Student-Led TUJ: Student-Faculty Interactions Outside the Classroom

by Toshimasa Hatori, sophomore of International Business Studies , Student Government vice president, and captain of Basketball Club at TUJ.

The Real Life of a Professor” featured Professor B.Anthony (Tony) Bedard, TUJ’s back-to-back Teacher of the Year, speaking about his past, present, and future experience outside his career as a university professor. This event provided an opportunity to students to learn and grow by engaging in a non-academic discussion with faculty and staff. The event was organized by William J. Swinton, director of International Business Studies, and me.

“A good idea.” Bedard said of the event. “It allows students to better understand that professors are actually human!” Professor Bedard shared words of wisdom on everything from happiness to living successfully in Japan.

There were close to 70 participants, including students, alumni, staff, and faculty across many departments as well as from different programs such as the Undergraduate Program, the Bridge Program, and the Continuing Education Program. Due to COVID-19, the event took place both online and on campus.

Learning outside of class

Mirei Fujino, a third-year International Business Studies student, joined as a panelist. “It was inspiring to hear stories about professors that are outside academic topics. Having the open-ended discussion to exchange the ideas and hearing what others think also made me re-think about my values more than ever.”

“Listening to Anthony and questions and the discussion about his life was truly a great opportunity to think about why and how to live.” Yumi Shiina, a student of Bedard’s from the Continuing Education Program in 2013 said. “I enjoyed this lively session even remotely with my baby boy.”

TUJ Dean Matt Wilson said, “The Real Life of a Professor event was exceptional as it attracted students, professors, and staff into an informal and comfortable environment that celebrated learning.” He showed great energy when interacting with students during the event.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs George Miller, said, “Education starts in the classroom. That’s where you meet professors and classmates and you initiate the process. Faculty are mentors beyond the classroom, and beyond the semesters when we share classes. Even long after students graduate. The education, the mentorship, continues for life.”

Moving forward

Many participants are interested in the next event in the series. I also believe these events should continue because the chance for us students to interact with professors outside class is rare. Such an event makes bonds closer. This helps us respect and trust our professors as someone more than a scholar. It also improves the quality of our learning quality and the environment more.


学内でハロウィーンピザパーティー開催(Halloween Spirit Day Event Held on Campus)


by Toshimasa Hatori, TUJ sophomore of International Business Studies major

On October 28, 2020, the Student Government at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)hosted a Halloween Spirit Day Event in our Parliament lounge. Students quickly snapped up piles of large pizzas. Student Government provided a wide range of pizzas — including vegetarian pizza — at no cost.

This was the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 that we were able to hold such an event. We invited TUJ’s new dean, Matt Wilson, to join with student government officers in serving pizza and drinks to students, staff, and faculty.

Many students participated in the event. The pizza ran out in the first hour. 

It was great to see many faculty and staff from many departments joining students and catching up on life outside of class. A lot of students from Showa Women’s University also came to visit our campus, enjoy pizza, and make new friends.

While keeping the protocols for COVID-19, the event was a great way to reinvigorate the energy and spirit of Temple. We look forward to gradually bringing back an exciting in-person “TUJ” atmosphere to campus. 


Toshimasa Hatori, sophomore of International Business Studies major, vice president of Student Government, and captain of Basketball Club at TUJ.




また、複数の学部、専攻、部門にまたがる多くの教職員が学生に加わって、授業の外で交流ができたことはとてもうれしく思っています。 隣接する昭和女子大学からも多くの学生がキャンパスを訪れ、ピザを楽しんだり、新しい友達を作ったりしました。


<文:羽鳥世将(はとり・としまさ): TUJ国際ビジネス学専攻2年、学生自治会副会長、バスケットボールクラブキャプテン>


TUJ Hosts Online Shamisen Concert by Yamanaka Junichi

On September 25, as part of its online activities for the fall semester, TUJ hosted an online shamisen concert. The young master Yamanaka Junichi played this traditional Japanese instrument. Students from all over the world were able to enjoy traditional Japanese music and ask questions.

<By Luis Navarro Garcia, Office of Student Services>